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Divine Atom

Intensive 8 -Week Course (Highest Level Offering)

This is a high level offering for clients who have successfully completed both Survival To Creation and Higher Being journeys. You are intensely moving your body and mind into a new highly elevated energetic and mystical state of love, wonder, and awe for your life and for the creation of universe. In this journey you are falling completely in love with life. This is an intensive eight week program and you can find out more about it through a conversation with your guide.

Advanced Neuroplasticity Training

You will engage in rigorous training exercises, personalized coaching, and immersive experiences for brain rewiring and spiritual growth.

Experiential Learning and Mastery

You will delve into intensive practice sessions, guided meditations, and immersive inner spiritual experiences of pure consciousness and relationship with the divine.

Individualized Guidance

You will receive personalized coaching, tailored support, and ongoing guidance throughout the program.

In summary, the Divine Atom is an intensive spiritual neuroplasticity based program that offers the highest level of training and transformation causing you to fall in love with your life.

For more information regarding this program speak with a member of our team.


Clarity & Goals

We begin by understanding the root cause of your chronic anxiety or stress.

Design Your 8 Week Program

Next, we use your personal experiences in life and weave them into your 8-week program so you may heal your chronic stress.


Your success in this program will be defined by repetition every day. By carving new neural pathways and strengthening them everyday you are rewiring your nervous system.

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