Kathleen Reily
Closing The Gap Between Panic And Calm
I work with people who are suffering from chronic anxiety to overcome the feeling of overwhelming fear and panic, finally achieving a lasting peaceful and calm mindset.

My eight-week program builds new neural pathways in the higher brain that are conditioned to sustain a long term mindset of calm and peacefulness. Allowing you to restore the brain's ability to produce the calming neurotransmitters necessary to heal the anxious nervous system. 
Are you an individual who struggles with chronic anxiety and panic?

My name is Kathleen Reily and I help chronically anxious individuals solidify life-long mental patterns of calm, resilience and safety. Thereby restoring the brain's natural ability to grow GABA receptors and produce neurotransmitters in the brain.

If you're interested in restoring the innate safe and calm state of mind through methods in positive neural plasticity click the button below to find out more information.